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Management Team

If you believe that experience is important, then we already have something in common because we believe experience is the key ingredient in success.

The leadership at the GF Smith Company has 75+ years of experience in the successful design and manufacturing of sawing and optimization systems for hardwood and softwood sawmill applications. Experience that means your project will be built correctly and starts up smoothly.

Greg Smith has been in the business of designing and manufacturing the highest performing edger designs of the last 35 years and that is the kind of experience we bring to your project. Having designed machines to fit hundreds of applications means we can look at what you are trying to do, find the best way to get it done, then design and build the machine that gets you there and keeps you there for a generation. Whether you are looking for a design to retrofit into your existing application or need a new machine to expand your operation or go after a new market, Greg's depth of experience is unmatched in the industry today.

Greg operates as the CEO and Chief Design Engineer for GF Smith Co. and oversees all aspects of design and manufacturing of G Machine products.

Kerry Wilson has been involved in the design, manufacturing, application and support of scanning and optimization systems in the lumber industry for 40 years supporting a diverse range of applications and machinery suppliers since 1978. Experience that dates to the first applications of computers, scanning and automation to the lumber manufacturing industry. His experience in the applications, manufacturing and long term support of technology for sawmill and manufacturing  requirements insures that the answers we bring to your project are the answers you need.

Kerry provides primary Sales and Marketing support for the GF Smith Co.


Quality is in our DNA


Engineering and Support Staff

The GF Smith company employs a staff of experienced engineers to get designs completed on time and to provide field support when needed to assist our customers with installation, startup and long term support.

Using state of the art software design tools, our staff is uniquely qualified to insure our depth of experience is unsurpassed in the field of industrial equipment design and insures that your project meets the demands you will place on it





We manufacture our machines at carefully selected and established machining and fabrication facilities located close at hand to our offices in Portland Or. Our partners have been selected based on their experience and quality standards and under our close supervision and quality control monitoring exceed industry standards across the board.

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