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Designers of High Quality Sawmill Equipment since 1980

Headquartered in Portland Oregon, the GF Smith Company brings over 75 years of combined machinery and optimizer design and applications experience to the Hardwood, Softwood and Engineered wood products industries.

Our G machine brand represents state of the art design and manufacturing for all wood sawing machines that rely on circular sawing technology in board and gang edgers, for all aspects of large scale sawing of raw lumber and other technologies such as LVL, CLT and other manufactured wood products.

When you need an innovative solution to your sawing problems, or are in the market for a machine retrofit or upgrade in your sawmill to increase profitability the GF Smith Company can customize a machine to bring you maximum benefits with the quality to insure long term reliability and low maintenance costs.




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G Machine: GANG sawing systems

Gang sawing systems come in all shapes and sizes and the GF Smith company has the design expertise to bring you simple fixed saw machines to highly complex combination machines with shifting clusters, and conical or drum style chippers to convert trash to chips right at the machine center. Cant sawing for maximum recovery by tracking the saws to follow the sweeps and curves of your raw live edged center cants is right up our alley. If you have a gang sawing requirement, we can build a gang edger to handle it. 

Optimization to achieve the highest ROI available

At the GF Smith Company, we focus on what we do best, designing and manufacturing the most advanced sawing machines available to deliver sawing systems to our customers that reach the highest levels of performance. To achieve that goal, we partner with the most qualified specialists in the scanning,optimization and machine control fields to complement our machines and to bring you the combined results of working with specialists.

pallet edgers

Our pallet edgers set the standard for combining the rugged reliability of a sawmill duty edger with the simplified requirements of sawing pallet boards. We can provide a high reliability and cost effective solution to your pallet production needs


G Machine: BOARD eDGER systems

Regardless of whether you are looking for a simple 2 saw machine or a custom designed chipping edger with multiple saws and a reducer top head to handle lived edge jacket boards, a G Machine will meet your requirements. Thin Kerf sawing and "slew and skew" linear feed systems are our bread and butter. Our machine designs support feed rates to 1500'/min and beyond to get the highest production rates and fastest ROI in the industry.

sawguide upgrades/parts/service

When you need to extend the life of your existing machinery, we are uniquely qualified to re-engineer your sawguide system for thin kerf sawing and higher production speeds. We can supply parts and qualified machinery service personnel to assist in edger and gang upgrades of all types to extend the life of your machinery until you are ready to install replacement machines in your mill.

Carriage and Log Breakdown Scanning Systems

As distributors of Optimization technology, we have developed capabilities to provide scanning and control upgrades to both headrig carriage systems as well as primary log breakdown machines. We can bring an integrated machine and scanning upgrade to your project.



Custom lINEAR and transverse fEED sYSTEMS

It doesn't matter to us if you are installing a new machine or retrofitting an existing machine, one thing we know for sure is that no two sawmills are the same. And that means that each application requires a specialized approach to getting your raw materials to and from the machine centers within the constraints imposed by existing machinery layouts or physical room at the facility itself. We build the material handling and feed systems required by the application.


When you are just not sure how to get your vision integrated into your plant material flow or building constraints, the GF Smith Company can help you engineer machinery layouts, plan views and elevations, trash system modifications and just about any other aspect of designing or re-designing your production facility to get the changes you know you need integrated into your existing operations.

edger picking systems 

From high speed linear edger finger pickers with full skewing and board tracking capabilities to simple knife edge  picker designs, we can fit the picking system you need behind your edger.

Increasing your profitability is our main goal. Higher throughput, improved quality, higher recovery, improved uptime are all the ways a Gmachine in your sawmill can add up to a more competitive position and increased profits.
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